Me, Myself, and I

What experience do you have? Where do you see yourself in a decade? What are you doing now to ensure you get there?

It is not uncommon for a university student to have these questions, among many others, raised on a weekly basis – if not daily. The pressure for a business student to be out there, making their mark on the world, seems to be even greater.

So, why blog?

Blogging is a great way to share ideas and experiences with one’s network. I don’t expect to answer the questions about my past and future here. For those, you can check out my LinkedIn profile, grab a copy of my CV, or meet me for drinks. (I happen to love caramel macchiatos!) This blog is about the other part of me, my interests and views on all sorts of things.

So if you fancy spending your lunch break with a hot drink, while reading what I wrote, while drinking my hot drink, stay tuned!


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