Adulting – A ‘How To’ Guide

As a child, I suffered the endless torment of being a dependent. I ate the food my parents cooked. I went the places my parents transported me. I wore the clothing my parents dressed me in. I participated in the activities my parents had signed me up for. I was completely and utterly reliant on … Continue reading Adulting – A ‘How To’ Guide

Intent vs Impact

When I was 9 years old, my best friend introduced me to the TV series Charmed. I was instantly hooked. Three sister witches discover they have magical powers and a shared destiny of fighting evil, all the while holding down jobs and relationships. As a child, watching this show, the story-line was gripping. But while … Continue reading Intent vs Impact

Agree to Disagree

"Don't dish it out if you can't take it!" This was quite a common response during my childhood. Truth be told, my parents were right. When I was younger, I would engage with my sister, and then run to them in floods of tears, 'telling on her', when she fought back. Eventually I learned that … Continue reading Agree to Disagree