Gratitude Journal for 2018

I can, upon occasion, hark on a bit about gratitude and appreciation. Recently though, a colleague and friend inspired me with her gratitude journal for this year. I pride myself on regularly voicing my thanks to others when they have said or done something that I am grateful for but actively sitting down and considering … Continue reading Gratitude Journal for 2018

Mindfulness for Millennials – Interview with Dr Audrey Tang

Mindfulness is an increasingly popular buzzword in the university and business sphere. Although a relatively unexplored area; practising mindfulness in its various forms can improve our wellbeing and help us build resilience for day-to-day stresses, among other benefits. I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr Audrey Tang, author of the recently published ‘The Leader's Guide … Continue reading Mindfulness for Millennials – Interview with Dr Audrey Tang

Everything in Moderation

We live in an age where "I wants" are transformed into "I haves" at the click of a button. Contrary to all the platitudes we were raised with, we buy/eat/do now and worry about the ramifications later. Moderation has left the building. If I am honest with myself, the last time I walked into a … Continue reading Everything in Moderation