Too Much of a Good Thing

Did it ever occur to you that 'too much of a good thing' can be a real problem? Of course, 'too much' is a subjective term. Too much chocolate for me will cause a stomach ache and a genuine (yet temporary) dislike for chocolate altogether. That said, too much chocolate for my lactose-intolerant friend involves … Continue reading Too Much of a Good Thing

You CAN Have It All

"There are only so many hours in a day." "You can't do it all." "You're only human." "If you take that on, what are you willing to give up?"  Teachers, lecturers, friends, and family. At one point or another, they have all thought I was 'doing too much' or 'at risk' of doing too much. … Continue reading You CAN Have It All

Seas the Day – Lessons from a Surfboard

During the festive season, my husband and I fled from wet London to sunny Florida. Miami, famous for its water sports, gave us the opportunity to try a range of water-based activities; some were loved and some were good experiences we will avoid in future. One day, we went surfing. These are the lessons I learned from a surfboard...