Timing is Everything

Be it the last five minutes of a suspenseful film, the precious moments after a manicure before the nail varnish dries, or the instant between cooked and burned food; timing is everything. So it stands to reason that organising time efficiently is one of the most crucial skills a person can have. Every professional role … Continue reading Timing is Everything

Multiple Personalities? That’s OK.

I have always had some form of part-time employment. Nowadays it is tuition, but throughout my secondary education, I grafted many hours nannying. I often worked in religious homes; taking care of children, cooking, tidying, running errands, etc. Because I was working for religious people, I always ensured I dressed modestly during working hours out … Continue reading Multiple Personalities? That’s OK.

Am I Really Listening?

As children, we are taught the importance of listening. Listening keeps us safe and helps us learn. Yet somehow, between our first steps at home and our first steps into the office, we forget this nifty trick. Despite how far they got us in life, we pocket our listening skills and often let our mouths … Continue reading Am I Really Listening?