Excuse me!

I'll do it tomorrow. I don't have the time right now. I'm too busy.Whatever your go-to line, we have all given an explanation at some point to delay doing something we ought to be doing. I believe you, it was a legitimate reason... Or was it?I have had some great ideas in my life, but … Continue reading Excuse me!

Preachers & Practitioners

I now stand (and have for several years) at a terrifying, towering height of 5.2". That's right. I am short. I shop in the petite range. I buy shoes from the children's section. I have never been particularly tall. I love my height. I don't have an overbearing presence by nature (in that sense anyway … Continue reading Preachers & Practitioners

Timing is Everything

Be it the last five minutes of a suspenseful film, the precious moments after a manicure before the nail varnish dries, or the instant between cooked and burned food; timing is everything. So it stands to reason that organising time efficiently is one of the most crucial skills a person can have. Every professional role … Continue reading Timing is Everything