Am I Really Listening?

As children, we are taught the importance of listening. Listening keeps us safe and helps us learn. Yet somehow, between our first steps at home and our first steps into the office, we forget this nifty trick. Despite how far they got us in life, we pocket our listening skills and often let our mouths … Continue reading Am I Really Listening?

Public Speaking – Who is it for?

'The Sinking Library' is a fabled tale of a college library that is said to be sinking because the architect had not taken the weight of the books into account when he designed the building. I'm going to provide the moral of the story in advance of this blog post - do not forget the books! … Continue reading Public Speaking – Who is it for?

Gratitude – Much More than ‘Thanks’

"Thank you."How do you respond? "No problem." "Anytime." "Don't mention it." "Think nothing of it." "It's no bother." There are countless variations on this theme. Many of us respond in like. Let's analyse the "no problem" for a moment. What does this mean? "The event you are thanking me for was not difficult for me" … Continue reading Gratitude – Much More than ‘Thanks’