Gratitude Journal for 2018

I can, upon occasion, hark on a bit about gratitude and appreciation. Recently though, a colleague and friend inspired me with her gratitude journal for this year. I pride myself on regularly voicing my thanks to others when they have said or done something that I am grateful for but actively sitting down and considering … Continue reading Gratitude Journal for 2018

Mindfulness for Millennials – Interview with Dr Audrey Tang

Mindfulness is an increasingly popular buzzword in the university and business sphere. Although a relatively unexplored area; practising mindfulness in its various forms can improve our wellbeing and help us build resilience for day-to-day stresses, among other benefits. I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr Audrey Tang, author of the recently published ‘The Leader's Guide … Continue reading Mindfulness for Millennials – Interview with Dr Audrey Tang

YOU are Your Best Brand

Throughout my 13 years of schooling, I had the privilege of attending lectures delivered by guest speakers from all walks of life. They would talk about their education, their trials and tribulations on their way to the top, and how much they love where they're at now. Doctors, nurses, solicitors, soldiers, CEOs, police and dozens … Continue reading YOU are Your Best Brand