YOU are Your Best Brand

Throughout my 13 years of schooling, I had the privilege of attending lectures delivered by guest speakers from all walks of life. They would talk about their education, their trials and tribulations on their way to the top, and how much they love where they're at now. Doctors, nurses, solicitors, soldiers, CEOs, police and dozens … Continue reading YOU are Your Best Brand

Intent vs Impact

When I was 9 years old, my best friend introduced me to the TV series Charmed. I was instantly hooked. Three sister witches discover they have magical powers and a shared destiny of fighting evil, all the while holding down jobs and relationships. As a child, watching this show, the story-line was gripping. But while … Continue reading Intent vs Impact

Let’s Compete!

When I first opened my Facebook account, my feed was instantly filled with friends and acquaintances posting images of their lavish trips abroad. However, life is not one extended holiday, and so gradually my feed filled with people boasting 'busyness' (read busy-ness, not business). The pictures of perfect pedicures and strolls at sunset were traded … Continue reading Let’s Compete!