Timing is Everything

Be it the last five minutes of a suspenseful film, the precious moments after a manicure before the nail varnish dries, or the instant between cooked and burned food; timing is everything. So it stands to reason that organising time efficiently is one of the most crucial skills a person can have. Every professional role … Continue reading Timing is Everything

Public Speaking – Who is it for?

'The Sinking Library' is a fabled tale of a college library that is said to be sinking because the architect had not taken the weight of the books into account when he designed the building. I'm going to provide the moral of the story in advance of this blog post - do not forget the books! … Continue reading Public Speaking – Who is it for?

Too Much of a Good Thing

Did it ever occur to you that 'too much of a good thing' can be a real problem? Of course, 'too much' is a subjective term. Too much chocolate for me will cause a stomach ache and a genuine (yet temporary) dislike for chocolate altogether. That said, too much chocolate for my lactose-intolerant friend involves … Continue reading Too Much of a Good Thing