Everything in Moderation

We live in an age where "I wants" are transformed into "I haves" at the click of a button. Contrary to all the platitudes we were raised with, we buy/eat/do now and worry about the ramifications later. Moderation has left the building. If I am honest with myself, the last time I walked into a … Continue reading Everything in Moderation

Adulting – A ‘How To’ Guide

As a child, I suffered the endless torment of being a dependent. I ate the food my parents cooked. I went the places my parents transported me. I wore the clothing my parents dressed me in. I participated in the activities my parents had signed me up for. I was completely and utterly reliant on … Continue reading Adulting – A ‘How To’ Guide

Let’s Compete!

When I first opened my Facebook account, my feed was instantly filled with friends and acquaintances posting images of their lavish trips abroad. However, life is not one extended holiday, and so gradually my feed filled with people boasting 'busyness' (read busy-ness, not business). The pictures of perfect pedicures and strolls at sunset were traded … Continue reading Let’s Compete!